ARTICLES and STORIES have appeared in

941CEO, Alcalde, Appleseeds, Ascent, Boston Globe Magazine, Boston Phoenix, Bride’s, Calliope, Career World, Central Florida Magazine, Challenges, Child Life, Cobblestone, Creative Ideas for Living, Cricket, Current Consumer & Lifestudies, Dig, Faces, Fiction University (blog), Florida Review, France Today, Gamut, Go, Good Old Days, Harvard Crimson, Harvard Magazine, Horn Book, Hudson Valley, Human Rights, The Humanist, Inside, Jack and Jill, Japanophile, Journal of the West, Kid City, Ladies Home Journal, Law and Order, The Legal Review, Los Angeles Times, Louisiana Life, Louisiana Literature, McCall’s, Meetings and Conventions, Miami Herald, National Culinary Review, New Orleans Business, Orlando, Orlando Sentinel, Poughkeepsie Journal, RE: Arts and Letters, Reader’s Digest, Redbook, The Rotarian, Sarasota Magazine, Scene, Seventeen, Sky, Southern Discourse, Southern Magazine, Spider, Stanford Achievement Test 9, Student Lawyer, The Sun, Tulanian, Venice Magazine, The Weekly, The Writer, Writer’s Digest … and the “Environment Notebook” on WMFE in Orlando.

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