Upcoming Workshops with Sylvia

If you’re considering starting (or restarting) a journal,

these workshops offer inspiration and methods to fire up your practice.

New Year, New Journal

(Zoom workshop)

Launch or rejuvenate a journal with six Thursday evening online sessions introducing Journal to the Self techniques.

January 5–February 9, 2023

Thursdays, 6:30-8:30pm

Writing an Ethical Will

–From Statements to Stories 

Friday, March 31, 1-4 pm

Ringling College Museum Campus 

Register through OLLI 

Ethical wills, also known as legacy letters, allow writers to reflect on their life experiences and distill what they’ve learned, what they value, and what they hope for future generations. This workshop introduces the concept of ethical wills, offers examples from the Bible to Shakespeare to contemporary literature, and invites students to free-write in response to prompts designed to lead to an ethical will—or the seeds of a memoir. This workshop includes moderated peer feedback. 


Write Out the Storm (a free, fun workshop responding to Hurricane Ian): Friday, 10/28/22, 5-7pm, Pine Shores Presbyterian Church, Sarasota

The Journal to the Self® workshop is a 12-hour course on how to keep a journal for personal growth, creative expression and life enrichment. It was created in 1985 by Kathleen Adams LPC, PTR, Director of the Center for Journal Therapy, Inc., and internationally known pioneer and expert in the power of writing to heal. The early years of the workshop formed the research base for Kathleen Adams’ best-selling book, Journal to the Self, published by Warner Books in 1990 (since acquired by Grand Central Publishing).

Center for Journal Therapy
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